Open innovation challenges

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100% funding available to solve public sector R&D challenges

Assays for SARS-CoV-2 cellular immune responses

Can you develop an assay system to define magnitude and profile of cellular immune responses to SARS-CoV-2?


Can you develop a break-through solution for 100% renewable energy supply in buildings?

Simulation technology for healthcare training

Could you develop innovative simulation technology for tracheostomy training?

Outpatient transformation

Could you develop innovations that support the transition to more primary and community care, as well as digitally supported models of care?

Monitoring movement in crowds

Could you develop a solution that helps to monitor movement in crowds where public safety is at risk?

Windfarm mitigation for UK air defence phase 2

Defence and Security Accelerator (DASA) is looking for an innovative solution to permit the co-existence of future offshore windfarms alongside UK air defence surveillance systems.

Zero emissions berth power provision on the Thames

Can you help facilitate the Thames' green recovery? The innovation exchange is seeking innovations to provide the Tidal Thames with a solution to provide smart flexible zero emission power provision as a service, available 24/7 at the waterside.

The i-Con Innovation Challenge

An initiative from the Construction Innovation Centre Scotland (CSIC) designed to quickly match industry challenges with potential solution providers and funding for impact focused innovation projects.

Wave Energy Scotland

Wave Energy Scotland is seeking external experts and an innovative technological design solution for its wave energy device coupling system challenge.

DASA challenges

Defence and Security Accelerator (DASA) is looking for innovative partners for R&D challenges. 

Opportunities to solve industrial R&D challenges

Find innovative ways to inform healthcare professionals

GSK is seeking to partner with companies that have innovative new ways to reach healthcare professionals. They would like to provide them with accurate medical information about vaccines, the latest science on topics such as disease awareness, immunisations and more.

Water toxicity sensor challenge

Can you use current technology or devise a new sensor to measure toxins in water systems? The successful design should reduce or eliminate the need for multiple laboratory water quality measurements. 

Volkswagen cargo management ideas

The Volkswagen Group are seeking ideas and concepts for new features in their commercial vehicles. They should be affordable, modular, sustainable, and easy to install. 

Gelatin-based enteric capsules for targeted healthcare

This challenge is to find gelatin-based solutions that can allow for timed release of drugs which will improve targeted healthcare. 

Non-intrusive inspection for manhole covers

KTN Innovation Exchange are working with a large UK company to find an alternative to manual inspection of manhole and service trench covers. 

Control of climate on board marine vessels

Marine condensers are prone to corrosion. This challenge is looking for innovative technology that will reduce the need for maintenance and loss of efficiency due to down-time.

Connecting with healthcare professionals

GSK want to find new ways to contact healthcare professionals by using alternative digital channels and technologies.

Designing a compact underground electrical substation

UNARETI are looking for innovative solutions to develop a compact underground substation with specific size restrictions, no indoor space, and a single point of access above the surface.

SSE array cable fault challenge

Solutions needed to monitor the condition aluminium core array cables used in onshore windfarm applications.

Affordable rural single family sanitation solutions

World Vision, supported by SeaFreight Labs, is seeking novel new ideas, concepts, and approaches to tackle the lack of adequate toilets and latrines in some of the poorest areas of the world.

Novel Defoamer for Glossy Water-Based Paints

This challenge is to find a new defoamer formulation or technology for use in glossy water-based paints with low pigment volume concentration (PVC).  It must prevent or destroy foam, be silicone and mineral-oil free, and not cause surface defects in the finished coating.

CoSolve challenge at AstraZeneca

CoSolve is a new global, virtual, open innovation challenge at AstraZeneca, seeking to find new collaborators – those with the boldest innovations and solutions that will help us create the next wave of medicines to help transform patients' lives.

Innovative ways to destroy PFAs

The EPA are looking for a non-thermal way of destroying PFAs in concentrated aqueous film forming foam (AFFF), while creating the least amount of potentially harmful by-products.

Improve how people living with disability can move around public or private buildings

Enel is looking for tailored approaches to improve the way in which people living with disability can move around public or private buildings.

Open Innovation Space

The UK’s space industry leader Airbus, has teamed with KBRLeidos UKNorthrop Grumman and QinetiQ to bring new thinking to future space solutions and to launch the Open Innovation – Space initiative. Interested in working with this consortium?

Leading Edge Only network challenges

Find challenges from global organisations seeking innovative solutions on the Leading Edge Only network.

Wales & West Utilities - Real time operation

Wales & West Utilities seek a partner to develop the opportunities identified for greater coordination between electricity and gas networks for real time operations and forecasting of flexible gas generation.

Twinings - Revolutionising tea

How do Twinings get people who pause with a coffee mid afternoon, to choose Twinings as a way to feel more connected with the real world?

Fujistu - SAAS applications

Fujitsu is seeking cost-effective SAAS applications to allow them to extract information from Salesforce, supplement with data, and ensure that it can tag the CRM record back to the contact in Salesforce - whilst remaining GDPR compliant.

Lloyd's Register - Food supply chain and traceability

Lloyd's Register is looking for solutions that relate to the connection between physical food objects and digital records – so-called ‘phygital’ solutions.

Desiccation Challenge

Innovative solutions needed to keep equipment, such as camera systems, free from internal moisture, ensuring cameras will function with little to no maintenance in all weathers and environments.

Glass to Metal Fastening Challenge

Innovative solutions needed for fast, simple and modern ways of fastening glass to metal components such as prisms and lenses to plates and within tubes.

Wiper Blade Challenge

Innovative solutions needed to keep camera system windows clean for military land platforms, ensuring cameras have a clear view of the scene in all weathers and environments.

Stena Line

Port safety innovation needed that would work with a broad range of freight types, haulage companies and vessel types.


Do you have outstanding innovative business ideas that you would like to propose or further develop with Philips? Challenge is ongoing.


P&G is actively seeking innovation and partnership solutions across a number of programme innovation areas. Challenge is ongoing.

Zobele Group Innovation Challenge

This leading home, health and personal care company is looking to partner with startups and entrepreneurs to find hardware devices, formulations and packaging solutions for their products.