Open innovation challenges

Browse and apply for innovation challenges that will connect you to global companies and opportunities for growth.

100% funding available to solve public sector R&D challenges

Wave Energy Scotland

Wave Energy Scotland is seeking external experts and an innovative technological design solution for its wave energy device coupling system challenge.

DASA challenges

Defence and Security Accelerator (DASA) is looking for innovative partners for R&D challenges. 

DASA Map the Gap challenge

Defence and Security Accelerator (DASA) is seeking innovative solutions to create a new remote system capable of surveying potential crossing sites over water.

SEPA waste scanner challenge

The Scottish Environment Protection Agency (SEPA) is looking for innovative ways to assess the quality of plastic materials that have been collected for recycling. 

Opportunities to solve industrial R&D challenges

Preventing liquid loss

A major UK manufacturing industry is looking for innovative solutions to prevent liquid loss from storage containers.

Removal of compounds from a complex liquid

A major UK manufacturing industry is looking for an innovative solution for removing long-chain esters from bulk liquids.

SSE Challenge 6

Methods needed to reduce the utilisation of bolt tensioning and torqueing tools in wind turbines and to reduce downtime and technician time

Desiccation Challenge

Innovative solutions needed to keep equipment, such as camera systems, free from internal moisture, ensuring cameras will function with little to no maintenance in all weathers and environments.

Glass to Metal Fastening Challenge

Innovative solutions needed for fast, simple and modern ways of fastening glass to metal components such as prisms and lenses to plates and within tubes.

Wiper Blade Challenge

Innovative solutions needed to keep camera system windows clean for military land platforms, ensuring cameras have a clear view of the scene in all weathers and environments.

Stena Line

Port safety innovation needed that would work with a broad range of freight types, haulage companies and vessel types.

Stena Sphere

Do you have a novel, cost-effective solution for noise reduction from ship engine exhausts? 

Oil & Gas Technology Centre

This open innovation programme is your opportunity to get involved in unlocking the full potential of the UK North Sea. Challenge is ongoing.


Do you have outstanding innovative business ideas that you would like to propose or further develop with Philips? Challenge is ongoing.


GE GENIUSLINK™ uses crowd-sourcing to match challenges to the right innovation solvers. Visit GE to see what challenges are currently open.


P&G is actively seeking innovation and partnership solutions across a number of programme innovation areas. Challenge is ongoing.

Zobele Group Innovation Challenge

This leading home, health and personal care company is looking to partner with startups and entrepreneurs to find hardware devices, formulations and packaging solutions for their products.

VivaTech Challenges

VivaTech 2019 is the world's meetup for startups and company leaders taking place in Paris in May. Apply for this year's innovation challenges. Closing dates vary.

KTN Network Challenge

Inventive thinkers needed to solve the removal of biofouling from offshore wind turbine structures to ensure safe access.

Weir Group sensor technology challenge

Can you help the Weir Group? They would like to adopt and apply sensor technology to reduce hand and finger injuries across the organisation.