Open innovation challenges

Browse and apply for innovation challenges that will connect you to global companies and opportunities for growth.

100% funding available to solve public sector R&D challenges


CivTech is looking for solutions to harness the power of data to help make Glasgow more resilient to the impacts of climate change.

Renfrewshire Council

Experienced in the Internet of Things? Renfrewshire Council is looking for an innovative tech solution to help manage its social housing stock IT system.

Wave Energy Scotland

Wave Energy Scotland is seeking external experts and an innovative technological design solution for its wave energy device coupling system challenge.

Transport for Edinburgh

Edinburgh City Council is looking for open innovation solutions to their tram driver safety challenge.

DASA challenges

Defence and Security Accelerator (DASA) is looking for innovative partners for R&D challenges. 

Opportunities to solve industrial R&D challenges

SP Energy Networks

Partnership opportunities for two strategic innovation projects: the long-term decarbonisation of heat provision, and the management of the whole electrical network in a smart and flexible manner.

Terraton Challenge

A call for innovative solutions that accelerate the drawdown of 1 trillion tons of atmospheric carbon dioxide into agricultural soils.

Stena Line

Port safety innovation needed that would work with a broad range of freight types, haulage companies and vessel types.

Oil & Gas Technology Centre

This open innovation programme is your opportunity to get involved in unlocking the full potential of the UK North Sea. Challenge is ongoing.


Do you have outstanding innovative business ideas that you would like to propose or further develop with Philips? Challenge is ongoing.


GE GENIUSLINK™ uses crowd-sourcing to match challenges to the right innovation solvers. Visit GE to see what challenges are currently open.


P&G is actively seeking innovation and partnership solutions across a number of programme innovation areas. Challenge is ongoing.


Naturex are looking for solutions in natural colours and flavors, natural food preservatives: antimicrobials or anti-oxidants, and clinically substantiated ingredient solutions for health and wellness.

Zobele Group Innovation Challenge

This leading home, health and personal care company is looking to partner with startups and entrepreneurs to find hardware devices, formulations and packaging solutions for their products.

Cuatrecasas Acelera

This Spanish law firm is looking to partner with, and help accelerate, legaltech startups through a four-month maturity programme. Check website for closing dates.

VivaTech Challenges

VivaTech 2019 is the world's meetup for startups and company leaders taking place in Paris in May. Apply for this year's innovation challenges. Closing dates vary.

KTN Network Challenge

Inventive thinkers needed to solve the removal of biofouling from offshore wind turbine structures to ensure safe access.

EIT Digital Innovation Factory

Planning to launch a digital tech startup or product? EIT Digital want to work with you.

The EIT Digital Entrepreneurship Academy

Planning to deliver an entrepreneurial digital tech education programme? EIT Digital want to work with you.

Schaeffler Technology Challenge

Robotics meets urban mobility challenge for startups looking to partner with this global company.

SSE Challenge 1

Offshore wind generation remote supervision and maintenance support challenge.

SSE Challenge 2

Predictive maintenance for offshore wind generation electronic converters challenge.

SSE Challenge 3

Offshore wind turbine access ladder maintenance challenge.

SSE Challenge 4

Remote inspection of turbines following SCADA alarms challenge.

SSE Challenge 5

Remote delivery of spare parts to offshore wind turbines challenge.

SSE Challenge 6

Non-invasive identification of need to torque wind turbine bolts challenge.

Enel challenge 1

Enel Energy is looking for partners to improve its commercial electricity and gas portfolio. 

Enel challenge 2

Enel Energy is looking for innovative partners to help it create societal energy equality. 

Enel challenge 3

Can you help Enel Green Power improve its environmental impact?