Open innovation challenges

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100% funding available to solve public sector R&D challenges

Decision-making tools for offshore wind farm maintenance

SSER is looking for solutions that can improve the decision-making process for offshore logistics and work planning at offshore wind farms. The goal is to reduce repair costs and maximise turbine uptime. 

Offshore wind farm array cable monitoring

For this challenge, SSER is looking for solutions that can monitor array cable conditions for offshore wind farms and minimise downtime.

Smarter bolt operations for offshore wind turbines

Find a way to deliver a cost-effective alternative to traditional methods of checking and tightening bolts and a method to identify loss of tension or failure of a bolt or series of bolts for SSER.

Remote diagnostics and digital twins for offshore wind

Help implement smart, remote diagnostic tools for managing offshore wind assets for SSER, a leading developer and operator of renewable energy across the UK and Ireland.

Heavy lifting solutions for offshore wind farms

Help reduce SSER’s reliance on jack-up vessels to save costs and provide more agile responses during offshore operations on wind farms.

First of a Kind railway competition (FOAK 2022)

Apply for a share of up to £7.6 million to develop a demonstration of your greener railway idea. This competition, split into three themes, is designed to increase innovation the UK rail sector

Medical Innovation Challenge: TechConnect accelerator

Transformative health-tech and bio-tech innovators are invited to pitch to the world's largest medical innovation acceleration and awards program with a total prize of $250,000.

Catch the ChemBio SCENT!

This Defence and Security Accelerator (DASA) competition is looking for proposals for new technologies for screening, collecting and exploiting ChemBio materials.

Hybridisation of the naval fleet: market exploration

Could you aid defence to reduce carbon emissions to net zero by no later than 2050? The Defence and Security Accelerator (DASA) is looking for potential hybrid powertrain solutions for naval ships.

Instand-NGS4P: workflows for personalised therapy

Apply to be part of an €8.5 million project addressing the challenges of developing two fully integrated and standardized next generation sequencing workflows, aiding the treatment of rare cancers. 

Personalised Surgical Process for Joint Replacements

Over 3 million joint replacements were carried out in Europe throughout 2019. Could you develop a reproducible solution that transforms the surgical process towards personalised medicine?

Remote Rehabilitation Service for Isolated Areas (ROSIA)

Contribute to ROSIA - a project that will deliver a comprehensive service to patients in need of rehabilitation, new care pathways and community support.


Could you develop innovative integrated care solutions for chronic heart failure management? It should integrate a range of features to bring different care providers, family carers and patients into a shared chronic heart failure care pathway.


Can you develop a break-through solution for 100% renewable energy supply in buildings?

DASA challenges

The Defence and Security Accelerator (DASA) is looking for innovative partners for R&D challenges. 


Can you develop an integrated care solution that helps meet the needs of People with Multimorbidity (PMM)? It should help ensure timely service access, co-managed care journeys and smoother transitions between specialities and sectors.

InnovaTIve care services to deliver QUick rEsponses (TIQUE)

Could you design a system using advanced technology that delivers quick responses to patients with advanced heart failure? TIQUE will help provide integrated care and ease pressure on healthcare sectors.

Vaccines for epidemic diseases

Apply for a share of £10 million which will fund research into vaccine technologies. The successful project will help low and middle income countries to prepare for, and protect against, potential future epidemics. 

Opportunities to solve industrial R&D challenges

Portable Robotic Material Movement

Material movement is labour intensive and high risk. Could you develop cost effective and safe solutions that will move material in confined spaces?

Water toxicity sensor challenge

Can you use current technology or devise a new sensor to measure toxins in water systems? The successful design should reduce or eliminate the need for multiple laboratory water quality measurements. 

Open Innovation Space

The UK’s space industry leader Airbus, has teamed with KBRLeidos UKNorthrop Grumman and QinetiQ to bring new thinking to future space solutions and to launch the Open Innovation – Space initiative. Interested in working with this consortium?

Leading Edge Only network challenges

Find challenges from global organisations seeking innovative solutions on the Leading Edge Only network.


Do you have outstanding innovative business ideas that you would like to propose or further develop with Philips? Challenge is ongoing.


P&G is actively seeking innovation and partnership solutions across a number of programme innovation areas. Challenge is ongoing.

Zobele Group Innovation Challenge

This leading home, health and personal care company is looking to partner with startups and entrepreneurs to find hardware devices, formulations and packaging solutions for their products.