Defense and Security Accelerator (DASA)

DASA competition now open to find solutions to continue to improve aviation security in the UK.

What's the innovation challenge?

To find revolutionary innovative next generation technology solutions to improve aviation and border security.

Challenge details

Innovative ideas that tackle improvements in detection and speed up the screening process for prohibited and contraband, without compromising on security are being sought.

Although the primary focus of the competition is on aviation security, concepts and ideas on border security are welcome.

Solutions relating to external attacks on aircraft, such as from drones or Man Portable Air Defence Systems (MANPADS), or from cyber-attacks are not being sought.

The five competition challenges are:

  • Improving the screening process for passengers, staff and their belongings
  • Improving the screen process for in-flight supplies
  • The rapid screening of cargo, mail or hold bags for prohibited and contraband items
  • Improving aviation security screening using systems approach / systems integration
  • Improving detection and identification of contraband and illicit items at the border

Full proposals must be submitted by July 1 2019, with outline proposals submitted by June 10 2019. 




How to get involved

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