NYCx Cybersecurity Moonshot Challenge

Can you help beef up the cybersecurity capabilities for the 240,000 SMEs that are central to New York City's economic growth?

What's the innovation challenge?

To find solutions to the following question: "How might NYCx make every small and medium-sized business in New York City as resilient to cybersecurity attacks as a Fortune 500 company?"

Challenge details

The NYC Mayor's Office of the Chief Technology Officer works to make broadband, smart city technologies, digital services, and the tech industry work for all New Yorkers.

NYCx is the world’s first municipal program to transform urban spaces into hubs for tech collaboration, research, testing, and development. NYC’s diverse population, economy, and landscape offer a unique opportunity for technology makers, futurists, and startups to develop technologies and breakthroughs that are sustainable, fair, and improve how we live in the world. NYCx is housed in the Mayor’s Office of the Chief Technology Officer (MOCTO).

This challenge is all about beefing up the 240,000 SMEs in NYC cybersecurity capabilities as these companies are central to the City's economic growth.

With roughly two-thirds of small businesses experiencing a cyber attack in the past year the CTO and his team want to ensure these companies stay as safe as possible as they go about their business online. 

Are you an innovative tech business with solutions to this challenge? Can you deliver a challenge concept description by February 15th?



How to get involved in NYCx cybersecurity challenge

Expressions of interest are due on Friday 15th February 2019