Police Scotland and NHS

How can technology be used to maximise resources and provide equitable healthcare while reducing risk to staff and persons in police custody?

What’s the innovation challenge?

Can you help Police Scotland develop a non-contact remote monitoring/screening solution to manage care of persons in Police custody?

Challenge details

Custody throughput in Scotland is around 130,000 people per year, and a significant percentage of those detained in Police custody have very complex health needs.

In conjunction with custody healthcare partners in the NHS, Police Scotland are looking for a solution to reduce resource abstraction demands placed on both the NHS and Police Scotland, while simultaneously improving healthcare provision and reducing the risk to persons in custody.

A solution is sought to facilitate remote monitoring from a central location for those individuals who have health care needs and are in need of constant observation. Also needed is an additional biometric capability, to allow healthcare professionals to carry out remote consultations, and also ideally the ability to indicate whether any potential internal concealment was presenting a clinical risk.

Police Scotland’s challenge is being funded by the CAN DO Innovation Challenge Fund and will be administered through Innovate UK’s Small Business Research Initiative (SBRI). The SBRI initiative provides successful companies with up to 100% funding for R&D costs and the ability to retain and exploit intellectual property developed.

The challenge registration deadline is 20 March 2019. If you’re interested in hearing about this innovation challenge and the SBRI application process there will be a briefing event on Monday 4 March, 2019 in Fife.

How to get involved

For more information about the Police Scotland and NHS innovation challenge and CAN DO innovation funding