Scottish Canals

Techniques needed to control the spread of a non-native invasive amphibious plant - the New Zealand Pigmyweed (NZP).

What's the open innovation challenge? 

To tackle the growth of a non-native invasive amphibious plant, the New Zealand Pigmyweed (NZP), on the Caledonian Canal in Inverness.

Challenge details

Scottish Canals are looking for partners who can work with them to develop innovative management techniques that will control the spread of NZP along the land by the canal and in the water.

Any solution needs to be practical, scalable, and take into account the environmental regulations and the wider ecology of the canal and its catchment area.

Scottish Canals are using the SBRI (pre-commercial procurement) process and contractual documents to procure the R&D services to develop the solution, which is likely to be a two-phase process.

The closing date for the challenge is 13 May 2019.


To get involved

Please visit the Public Contracts Scotland website