The Itron Smart City Challenge: Glasgow

Help the City of Glasgow improve the travel choices and overall experience of visitors to city events throughout the year.

What's the innovation challenge?

Thousands of people come to Glasgow every year to experience the brilliant events that the city puts on. Have you got the solutions to make the whole experience world class? 

Can you innovate around these key areas?

Tourism and Economic Development

  • Enhance the city’s reputation as one of the world’s great destinations
  • Maintain and grow Glasgow’s current position for event attendance
  • Ensure that visitors have positive experiences of accessing the city’s venues and event spaces

Transport Services

  • Reduce congestion
  • Manage the public transport system at peak times
  • Enhance the visitor experience of getting around the city to events, whilst maintaining good resident access at the same time
  • Encourage use of active travel modes (walking or cycling) or public transport wherever possible

Emergency Service

  • Ensure safe and efficient travel to and from major events and venue
  • Reduce associated disruption on the city’s transport networks


  • Proactive mobility management
  • Minimise disruption

How to get involved

Solve the Glasgow City Challenge by going to the Itron Smart City Challenge website. Closing date is January 4 2019.