The Itron Smart City Challenge: London

Innovative technology is needed to improve the safety along the River Thames.

What's the innovation challenge?

The City of London wants to find new ways to further improve river safety along the River Thames. There's already safety equipment along the walkways of the Thames, but theft and misuse of equipment is common. With 124 entries into the river within the City of London alone, and 26 deaths (recorded in 2014) for the River as a whole, it's vital to find new ways to improve safety through effective technology.

The City of London is seeking solutions that ensure the availability of equipment that will accelerate emergency response times.

Are you a tech innovator?

Can you find innovative solutions in these key areas:


  • Further improve safety in conjunction with the coastguard
  • Provide guidance to users needing rescue

Supporting emergency services (coastguard)

  • Detect events that currently go unnoticed, and/or unrecorded
  • With the coastguard, accelerate response time via automated technologies

Manage safety equipment (saving revenue budgets)

  • Use technology to manage the misuse of lifebelts
  • Track safety equipment that will help locate people in the River
  • Aid return of safety equipment after improper use

Public health

  • With 90% of entries related to mental illness, find ways to address this on the street using technology
  • Raise awareness about mental health wellbeing using innovative tech

How to get involved

Solve the London City Challenge by going to the Itron Smart City Challenge website. Closing date is January 4 2019.