Creative Informatics is open for applications

Do you have an innovative idea that can generate genuine impact for the Creative Industries?

What is the open innovation challenge?

Up to £20,000 is available to support successful R&D proposals that use data and data driven approaches that address one of these four challenges:

The Scottish Ensemble would like to create an interactive installation version of Anno, their audio-visual collaboration with composer and producer Anna Meredith. Your solution will use existing audio and visual material from the Anno project to create an immersive, installation-style version of the piece that gives users the opportunity to interact with and influence the visuals and music, creating their own 'live' performance.

Scottish Opera would like to create an interactive experience to capture evaluative data from pupils and teachers on their Primary Schools Tour, where pupils ages 8-12 work alongside professional singers to learn and perform a 30 minute educational 'opera day'. Your solution will make evaluation and data capture more fun, engaging and accessible.

Drake Music Scotland would like to create a new online platform that will transform their Figurenotes resource base into the world's first and most comprehensive music hub. Figurenotes is a revolutionary notation system that uses simple colours and shapes to represent music. You should develop a platform that allows users to download resources, constructively rate and critique learning materials, and upload their own creations.

Pianodrome CIC would like to connect two pianos in separate geographical locations together in real time. You should develop a prototype that will allow a piano in Leeds to be connected to a piano in Edinburgh, as part of Leeds International Piano Competition taking place in September 2021.

Projects are expected to last between 3-12 months.

This competition will close at 5pm, 16 April 2021.

Next steps

Read full details and apply through the Creative Informatics website