Cuatrecasas Acelera Legaltech Innovation Challenge

This Spanish law firm is looking to partner with and accelerate innovative start-ups in the Legaltech sector.

Legaltech sector innovation opportunity

Spanish law firm, Cuatrecasas Acelera is looking for the next big legaltech start-up to go through a four-month maturity programme.

Accelerator and pilot programme details

For six-selected start-ups, Cuatrecasas Acelera will work on designing a conceptual pilot.

Companies will go through two boot camps, use agile methodologies, and undertake sessions with mentors and experts. They'll take part in demo days and demo labs and present to investors.

To apply for the third Cuatrecasas Acelera accelerator programme start-ups must:

  • Already be incorporated
  • Have not been active from more than five years
  • Have at least one functional minimum viable product
  • Have a solid team in place
  • Show that their solution is innovative in the legaltech sector and is underpinned by blockchain or AI technology

How to get involved

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