DASA behavioural analytics challenge Phase 2

DASA is looking for proposals to develop emerging analytical capability that brings advantage for defence and security.

What's the open innovation challenge?

The Defence and Security Accelerator (DASA) is seeking proposals that provide context-specific insights derived from data, into the ‘how’ and ‘why’ of individual, group and population behaviour, enabling reliable predictions about how they are likely to act in the future.

Please note, this is Phase 2 of a multi-phase competition. However, you can still apply even if you did not participate in Phase 1.

Phase 2 seeks advance proof of concept research including theoretical and technological developments, into demonstrations/working models that can be validated against data sets with relevance to the defence and security operating environment.

Applications are welcomed from across a range of disciplines, from psychology and neuroscience to AI and data science, as well as inter-disciplinary research collaborations and perspectives. We also welcome applications from disciplines such as the arts, humanities and social sciences.

Proposals must meet at least one of the following challenges:

  • Harnessing and analysing new sources of data to reliably understand and forecast behaviour in defence and security
  • Helping practitioners to understand and use insights from behavioural analytics in a defence and security context

£2 million is available to fund multiple Phase 2 proposals up to a maximum of £250k (ex. VAT) each.

Successful contracts will be for a maximum duration of 12 months, starting in October 2020. Funding will be provided over two financial years with an equal upper limit of £125k per year.

Project date milestones

Dial-in briefing: 30 June 2020

1-1 teleconference sessions: 01 July 2020

Competition closes: 13 August 2020, midday BST

Contracting: October 2020

Feedback provided: 01 November 2020

How to apply

Submit your application through the UK Government website.