DASA intelligent ship challenge Phase 2

DASA is looking for proposals to revolutionise military decision making, mission planning and automation.

What's the open innovation challenge?

The Defence and Security Accelerator (DASA) is seeking proposals for innovations with potential to pave the way towards the exploitation of a human-machine network that can work collaboratively on military platforms.

Proposals are requested against two challenges:

  • Integration of the Intelligent Ship Artificial Intelligence Network (ISAIN) on Agents for Decision-Making (ADeMs) and subsequent evaluation in partnership with Dstl
  • Development of new or enhanced existing ADeMs to feed the evaluation within challenge 1

Please note, this is Phase 2 of a multi-phase competition. However, you can still apply even if you did not participate in Phase 1.

£3 million is available to fund multiple proposals within Phase 2. The maximum funding available for challenge 1 is £1.5 million, expected to fund a single proposal. £250k per proposal are further available to fund challenge 2.

Successful contracts will be 16 months.

Project date milestones

Dial-in briefing: 23 June 2020

1-1 teleconference sessions: 23 June 2020

Competition closes: 4 August 2020, midday BST

Contracting: Aim to start 24 October 2020

Feedback provided: End of November 2020

How to apply

Submit your application through the UK Government website.