Maritime early warning innovations

Could you develop alternative concepts of Early Warning systems for the Royal Navy?

The challenge

This Defence and Security Accelerator (DASA) competition is seeking proposals for the development of innovative technologies to provide novel methods of Early Warning (EW) for maritime operations. They are looking for alternative future concepts for the Airborne Early Warning systems that currently enable deployed capabilities within the Carrier and Littoral Strike Groups.

Have you got the solution? 

They are looking for a capability that provides air and surface surveillance to enable over-the-horizon situational awareness to Royal Navy assets deployed within the Carrier and Littoral Strike Groups. It should provide Commanders with a clear, detailed and enduring picture of the battlespace. It should also support Commanders’ decision-making by providing detection, tracking and recognition of surface and airborne objects within sufficient timescales to react appropriately.

This capability has historically been delivered by sensors mounted on airborne platforms to increase detection range. However, they are interested in any alternative proposals that could match or exceed these capabilities, particularly for low-level and/or signature-controlled threats.

Your proposal should include evidence of:

  • theoretical development, methodological advancement or proof of concept research which can demonstrate potential for translation to practical demonstration in later phases
  • an innovative or creative approach
  • clear demonstration of how the proposed work applies to any Defence and Security context

They are not interested in proposals that:

  • constitute consultancy, paper-based studies or literature reviews which just summarise the existing literature without any view of future innovation
  • are an identical re-submission of a previous bid to DASA or MOD without modification
  • offer demonstrations of off-the-shelf products requiring no experimental development (unless applied in a novel way to the challenge)
  • offer no real long-term prospect of integration into defence and security capabilities
  • offer no real prospect of out-performing existing technological solutions
  • comprise platform solutions only, rather than EW solutions and an associated platform

How much is available? 

£1.25 million is available to fund contracts with a maximum value of £250, 000 each. The duration of each of the funded contracts is to be no longer than 9 months. This phase will focus on maturing key underpinning ideas and technologies to demonstrate concept feasibility.

They plan to provide further funding to projects that are successful during this initial period. Therefore, unlike previous DASA competitions, this is the only planned phase for this call.

Further development of solutions beyond the initial period of up to 9 months, will take place through a Framework Contract and tasking.

Closing date

This competition closes on Tuesday 6 July 2021 at midday BST.

How to get involved

Get more details about this challenge and apply through the UK Government website.