Green building services

The European Space Agency is seeking to assess the feasibility of satellite-based services to green buildings.

This challenge has now closed. 


What's the open innovation challenge?

The European Space Agency (ESA) is inviting tenders to assess the technical and commercial feasibility of satellite-based services applied to sustainable built environments.

ESA Space Solutions is offering 100% funding for feasibility studies of up to €200k. Applicable funding level is subject to authorisation by the relevant national delegation.

Bidders are requested to obtain evidence in the form of a letter of authorisation by their respective delegations before submitting a proposal.

Key focus areas

  • Monitoring buildings’ energy consumption and environmental impact
  • Using sensors and smart monitoring technologies to anticipate problems (for example, natural hazards or land deformation)
  • Analysing buildings’ surrounding environment (natural and built)
  • 3D and offsite construction
  • Retrofitting existing buildings to improve energy efficiency, reduce operational costs and reduce negative environmental impact
  • Determining a go-to renovation strategy (for example, ventilation, renewable energy, smart grids applications)
  • Planning green neighbourhoods

Project date milestones

Opening date: 17 February 2020

Closing date extended to: 27 May 2020

How to get involved

You can find out more about the challenge by following the link below.