Hybridisation of the naval fleet: market exploration

The Defence and Security Accelerator (DASA) is looking for a potential hybrid powertrain solution for use in Royal Navy and Auxiliary ships to aid the defence environmental sustainability strategy.

The challenge

The Defence and Technology Accelerator (DASA) is interested in current or soon-to-be-introduced hybrid powertrain solutions for use on Royal Navy and Auxiliary vessels in order to achieve a 20 to 40% emissions reduction by 2030.

Potential solutions are sought around electrification (AC as well as DC) and electrical storage. The potential solutions must be able to fit into existing engine spaces and be retrofittable.

As part of this market consultation, you will be asked for a title and short summary of your innovation, along with questions related to your organisation, your idea and technology maturity.

DASA wants to understand what and how much further development is required for a complete solution - or whether a combination of separate solutions is required instead.

The information you provide will assist in developing a statement of requirements for potential future activities.

Deadline to apply

Proposals must be submitted by midday (GMT) on 27 January 2022.

How to get involved

Find more details on this challenge and apply on the GOV.UK website.