Could you develop innovative ICT-enabled integrated care solutions for chronic heart failure management?


Match-funded by the EU’s Horizon 2020 programme, INCAREHEART brings together five European national public procurers. The partners are looking to engage with industry and create a critical mass on both the supply and demand side for the procurement of an ICT-enabled integrated care solution. It should assist the management of a multidisciplinary care and support model for people living with chronic heart failure.

The challenge

They are looking for a modular solution that integrates a range of features. It should bring different care providers, family carers and patients into a shared chronic heart failure care pathway which would include diagnosis, acute care and jointly managed long term care. By introducing seamless transitional care processes, emergency care needs and hospitalisation rates should be reduced. It would also increase treatment adherence.

This solution could serve over 1.3 million patients with heart failure when fully rolled out across the procurers countries. The INCAREHEART solution should seamlessly integrate into existing ICT systems, processes and working practices.

It will be procured following a competitive pre-commercial procurement process, where public procurers buy R&D from several competing suppliers to compare approaches.

The R&D is divided into phases (solution design, prototyping, initial development and validation/testing of a number of initial products), with the number of competing R&D providers reduced after each phase.

In preparation for the call for tenders, an Open Market Consultation is planned for June to August 2021. This aims to inform potential suppliers about the opportunity and open a dialogue with industry about of the scope of the procurement. It would involve discussing technical specifications and facilitate match making for consortia building.

Joining the Open Market Consultation gives you the opportunity to understand the needs and priorities of the procurers, gain access to draft information on the call for tenders and meet potential partners.

Closing date

In preparation for the all for Tenders, an Open Market Consultation (OMC) is open from June to August 2021. Procurement is envisaged before Christmas 2021.

How to get involved

Get more details about this challenge by visiting the INCAREHEART website