KTN Network Challenge

Innovative solutions sought to clean offshore wind turbine foundations that will ensure consistent access and prevent health and safety incidents

What's the open innovation challenge?

Offshore wind turbine foundations have fixed access ladders for crew transfer. Fender pipes flank each side of the ladders, providing a surface for a crew transfer vessel to interface with. Birds and marine life use the structures as a habitat and leave excrement and other residues on the structure. The amount of residue from marine growth and mess caused by birds can be a major health hazard because it is unhygienic and can cause a slip hazard when wet.

Currently offshore wind turbine foundations must be cleaned routinely to ensure consistent access and prevent H&S incidents. It's commonly completed using vessel-mounted pressure washers. The KTN is looking for other solutions for this. Are you the company with the ideas to solve this challenge?


How to get involved

Register and apply online at KTN Innovation Network