Mitigate the impact of wind turbines on radar technology

The Defence and Security Accelerator is seeking ideas that can provide future offshore windfarm mitigation for UK Air Defence surveillance

This challenge is closed and is no longer accepting applications. 


What's the challenge?

With the increase in offshore wind farms, there is a clear need to look at  the impact of wind turbines on radar (civilian and military). A total of £2 million is available for this phase of the Windfarm Mitigation competition.

The Defence and Security Accelerator (DASA) expects to fund a number of contracts of up to £500,000 each to address the following challenges:

Challenge 1

Alternatives to radar – including but not limited to alternative sensory information or technologies to mitigate windfarm interference.

Challenge 2

Technologies applied to the wind turbine or installation. This could include (but is not limited to) meta-surfaces applied to, or alterations to the design of, wind turbines.

Challenge 3

Technologies applied to radar, its transmission or its return. This could include (but is not limited to) alterations to the signal or radar station or processing of the return.

Challenge 4

Any other technological consideration that could help alleviate the impact of wind turbines on radar.

Further information

All proposals should explain the expected development in technology maturity of the solution. It should be clear that there is some credible advantage to be gained.

Technologies above TRL 4 are not in scope.

There should be a clear demonstration of how the proposed work applies to the current civil and military air traffic control context and military air defence context (including non-cooperative aircraft).


26 March 2020 - dial in session and one to one telecom sessions

17 April 2020, midday- competition closes

July 2020 - contracts awarded

End of July 2020 - feedback to applicants

Application deadline 

The deadline for applications is midday, 17 April 2020


How to apply

For further details and guidance on how to apply, visit the website.