Natural solutions being sought for colours and flavours, food preservatives (antimicrobials or anti-oxidants), and clinically substantiated ingredient solutions for health and wellness.

What's the innovation challenge?

We are currently working with Naturex, an international group specialising in natural ingredients. The group is seeking to collaborate with SMEs, universities, entrepreneurs and other organisations with innovative solutions to the following challenges:

  • Natural colours and flavours – Naturex are currently looking for blue/red/green shades with good stability at different pH, temperature and storage conditions to improve the range of products they can be used in.
  • Natural food preservatives – Naturex are looking for efficacious, natural, plant based antimicrobials and anti-oxidants for a variety of food applications. Ingredient solutions with strong scientific evidence of efficacy and versatility are highly desirable.
  • Clinically substantiated ingredient solutions for health and wellness – Naturex are looking for ingredient solutions with a good portfolio of clinical studies with specific health and wellness outcome. Any plant based ingredient solution with a strong clinical evidence is highly desirable.

Solutions can be at any stage of development, however, commercially ready solutions are preferable.

How to get involved

If you'd like to work with Naturex, then send your questions and proposals via the Leading Edge Only (LEO) platform.