Personalised Surgical Process for Joint Replacements

Could you develop a reproducible solution that transforms the surgical process towards personalised medicine?

The challenge

Over 3 million joint replacements were carried out in Europe throughout 2019. With an ageing population, this is expected to increase further.

As part of the European EcoQUIP+ project, Parc Tauli Research and Innovation Institute (I3PT) and the Catalan Agency for Quality and Health Assessment (AQuAS) intend to launch a tender in 2022 to seek innovative solutions that disrupt the joint replacement care pathway and improve patient outcomes. A prior-information notice (PIN) has been published and can be consulted at TED.

In preparation for the tender, I3PT would like to engage with the market and work with the supply chain to explore options and timescales to move to an environmentally sustainable approach to improve this surgical process. They are interested in hearing from all parts of the supply chain in response to the following needs:

  • Design and on-demand manufacture of tailor-made joint replacements and patient specific instrumentation
  • Pre-operative precision measurement incorporating whole body assessment to optimise the personalised biomechanical performance

Solutions should:

  • Deliver demonstrable clinical, cost and resource benefits
  • Have the potential to be applied to other areas of elective surgery
  • Meet all required standards in relation to quality, approvals, ethics, data protection, inter-operability, etc.



Interested suppliers should respond to the Open Market consultation by 3 September 2021.

Details and forms are available in English.

How to get involved

Get more details about this challenge and how to apply on the Parc Tauli website.