Prison Leavers Innovation Challenge

Could you develop an innovative solution to support people leaving prison to help them manage positive behaviour, attend support groups and make appointments?

The challenge

The Ministry of Justice is calling on all innovators who can support people leaving prison. Government funding of up to £350,000 is available to develop and test solutions.

This challenge aims to harness innovation from the tech sector to develop new technological tools and solutions. They should help prison leavers stay on the straight and narrow, reducing the harms associated with crime.

Have you got the solution? 

Your solution should answer one or more of the following questions:

  • How can we enable prison leavers to track their goals, reflect on progress, and bring about positive behavioural change, either alone or with mentors?
  • How can we inform, coordinate, and update relevant stakeholders of a prisoner’s day of release details and key appointments?
  • How can we enable prison leavers to collect, control and share their data with relevant stakeholders?
  • How can we support families to strengthen and sustain their relationships with prison leavers to reduce reoffending after release?
  • How can we connect prison leavers with relevant and beneficial social and peer-to-peer support groups?
  • How can we assist probation officers to manage prison leavers with Learning Difficulties and Disabilities?

Competition stages

This is a 2-phased SBRI competition with a total budget of £1.65 million.

Phase 1 is to prototype solutions to this challenge. It is anticipated that up to 10 contracts will be awarded in phase 1, of up to £25,000 each.

Up to 4 selected companies will progress to phase 2 to further develop their solution and design a pilot.

Phase 2 contracts will be of up to £350,000 and 12-months duration. Mentorship support will also be offered.

Closing date

The closing date for applications is 12pm on 13 June 2021.

Late submissions will not be considered.

How to get involved

Get more details about this challenge and apply through the UK Government website.