Can you develop a breakthrough solution for 100% renewable energy supply in buildings?

The challenge

A group of six European buyers in charge of over 21,000 and with ambitious carbon neutrality goals is inviting innovators to apply to participate in this multi-phase pre-commercial procurement competition. The total budget is 7.68 million Euros.

Their common challenge is the design, development and testing of a public building portfolio renewable energy package that enables public bodies to make rapid decisions on turnkey delivery of cost-effective advanced renewable energy retrofitting of an extensive stock of public buildings.

If your application is successful, you will test and validate your solution in the demonstrator buildings provided by the group of buyers.


The detailed specifications of the challenge will be an outcome of the Open Market consultation and further developed by the buyers group. This is phase 0 of the process.

In phase 1, the selected suppliers will work on concept design, solution architecture and assessment framework for 3 months. The total procurement budget in phase 1 is 1.15 million Euros and it is expected that 8 contracts will be awarded.

Phase 2 will focus on system prototyping over an 8-month period. The procurement budget for phase two will be 2.3 million Euros and only four suppliers will be shortlisted.

Phase 3 is for the development and testing of the pilot systems. It is anticipated that phase 3 is delivered over 16 months and two suppliers are selected. The budget for phase 3 is 4.22 million Euros.

Closing date

The buyers would like to involve interested suppliers and consortia early on to find out more about the state of the art and future developments. If this challenge is for you, you are invited to participate in the Open Market Consultation.

It is expected that the Open Market Consultation will close in September 2021, when the call for tenders is published.

Next steps

Read full details and apply on the ProcuRE website.