Renfrewshire Council challenge

Renfrewshire Council is looking for an Internet of Things (IoT) sensor system solution to help manage its social housing stock.

This challenge is now closed

What's the open innovation challenge?

Renfrewshire Council wants to find a more efficient way of managing its social housing stock. Its offering an R&D contract worth £300K to the company that can work with them to develop an innovative IoT solution.

Seeking the right solution

A solution must:

  • provide sensor monitoring equipment for domestic properties
  • provide a local network that will allow the council to communicate with these sensors
  • be able to measure internal environmental conditions, including temperature, humidity and CO2 
  • allow information to be remotely accessed and extracted from equipment to provide data, reporting, analysis and recommendations on a per property basis. This will enable earlier identification of issues and implementation of maintenance interventions.


The winner will secure a £300k R&D contract for a 12 month project.

Funding support

A successful company will secure 100% funding, retain the IP developed during the competition and have the ability to commercialise the solution in broader markets both at home and abroad.

Scottish Enterprise is supporting this call through funding via the Can Do Innovation Challenge Fund.

The tender will be published on or around 26 July 2019.