Helping stroke patients

Do you have an innovative idea to help with pre-hospital diagnosis and rehabilitation of stroke patients?

The challenge

SBRI Healthcare are seeking proposals for innovations in the pre-hospital diagnosis and rehabilitation of stroke patients.

Stroke care is a critical issue for health systems globally, with someone having a stroke every two seconds. In the UK, stroke is the fourth biggest killer and costs society £26 billion annually.

The NHS is looking for innovators to address pre-hospital diagnosis, rehabilitation interventions, and stroke survivor support. 

This competition is funded by NHS England and NHS improvement, and is a collaboration with the Stroke Association and the AHSN Network. It is open to single companies or organisations from the private, public and third sector, including charities.

Can you help? 

The competition runs in two phases (subject to budget availability in 2022/23).

Phase 1 is intended to show the technical feasibility of the proposed concept. The Phase 1 contract will be for a maximum of 6 months and up to £100,000 (inc. VAT) will be available per project.

Phase 2 is to develop and evaluate prototypes from the more promising technologies in Phase 1. Phase 2 contracts will be for a maximum of 12 months and up to £1 million (inc. VAT) will be available per project.

Applicants are expected to respond to one of three categories:

  • Pre-hospital diagnosis
  • Rehabilitation
  • Life after stroke

Developments will be 100% funded and suppliers for each project will be selected by an open competition process. You will retain the intellectual property rights generated from the project, with certain rights of use retained by the NHS.


An online Q&A session will be held on 12 July 2021 at 4pm.

The competition opens on 13 July 2021.

The competition will close at 1pm on 24 August 2021.


How to get involved

Get more details about this challenge by visiting the SBRI Healthcare website