Terraton Challenge

A call for innovative solutions that accelerate the drawdown of 1 trillion tons of atmospheric carbon dioxide into agricultural soils.

Many of the world’s largest industries have transformed and unlocked new value through digital systems innovation, and now’s the time for agriculture to do the same.

The Terraton Challenge aims to focus global innovators on agriculture as a climate solution. It’s a call to develop solutions that advance the Terraton Initiative. This is the global effort to remove 1 trillion tons (a teraton) of carbon dioxide from the earth’s atmosphere and use it to enrich agricultural soils.

For its inaugural year, the Terraton Challenge will focus on three critical areas:

  • Technologies that accelerate soil carbon sequestration
  • Methods to quantify soil carbon
  • Innovative financial offerings that reward growers for capturing and maintaining soil carbon

Who should apply?

Any team with an original solution to one of the Terraton Challenge tracks should apply, including:

  • All geographies: this is a global problem that needs a global solution - innovators from around the world are encouraged to apply
  • All stages: solutions from innovators at all levels of development can apply
  • All industries: the Terraton Challenge welcomes ideas from industries beyond agriculture

How to get involved

Get more details and register your interest on the Terraton Challenge website