Transport for Edinburgh

Could you use your creativity and open innovation problem-solving to find real-time solutions to Edinburgh City Council's tram driver safety challenge?

What's the open innovation challenge?

To find integrated solutions to improve driver safety on Edinburgh trams.

Challenge details

The Driver Innovation Safety Challenge (DISC) Project is an innovation partnership procurement offering up to £168k of funding for R&D and testing over a project life of up to 18 months. If successful Edinburgh City Council may award a framework contract of up to three years with Edinburgh Trams for successful challenge solvers.

Those interested in finding solutions to DISC are expected to develop a fully integrated solution able to identify, as close to real-time as possible, the early symptoms of loss of focus, consciousness, alertness, paralysis, or similar conditions due to:

  • fatigue levels – the bidders are expected to have a solution able to detect both micro sleeps, early signs of sleep, and a decline in levels of alertness
  • common conditions – DISC is not prescriptive regarding the range of acute and/or chronic illnesses monitored which may lead to a reduction in the ability of the operator to manage the tram

How to get involved

Visit Public Contracts Scotland website to register interest