VivaTech Challenges

VivaTech takes place in May this year and matches inventive start-ups and industry leaders so they can problem-solve around business challenges that need more innovative approaches

What's the challenge?

To get your start-up in front of 25 leading companies and show them you can solve their critical business concerns that lay outside their normal day-to-day operational needs and drive their business forward.

Challenge details

As with the companies looking for solutions the challenges needing creative solutions are varied. Here are just some of them.


Accor Hotels are hosting a number of challenges that include a search for solutions that will:

  • Help to optimize hotels' assets and create future business lines
  • Enhance staff efficiency with digital products and services
  • Encourage guests to generate content & guide Accor to best use practice


ManpowerGroup challenges include the following business asks:

  • Ways to improve capabilities of Zara, their virtual recruiter
  • Build collaborative hiring tools can improve talent recruitment and development
  • Find innovative solutions to help people manage their career decisions 


Orange are focused on tech solutions to improve their telecommunications. These are some of their challenges:

  • Djingo, Orange’s smart assistant, is looking to get even smarter with the use of original and unique AI services that will transform day to day experiences for the whole family
  • Deliver high value added services to highlight the power of fiber (music, video, VR, gaming) and premium IoT services that will ease customer life
  • To provide more autonomy, comfort & security to elderly and disabled people

How to get involved

VivaTech is a once in a lifetime springboard for nearly 2,000 early-stage start-ups and as closing dates for challenges vary don't delay head to VivaTech now