Voice based query and response

Hands-free access to technical information challenge

Challenge description

This KTN-iX competition is supporting a large UK company to find innovative solutions to allow hands-free access to technical information during maintenance and repair of complex machinery.

As part of its operations, the business requires maintenance and repair of complex machinery in remote locations. These operations can be hampered by the need to carry bulky documentation or laptop computers. The challenge sponsor wishes to investigate solutions that allow hands-free access to this technical information.

The challenge sponsor is looking for a system which an individual can verbally ask a question and be provided with a spoken or virtual response.

A solution is required as soon as possible. For the right solution or offering, the challenge owner is happy to work with an early stage innovator or concept stage demonstrator.

The winning businesses in this competition will be given the opportunity to pitch to the challenge sponsor, and receive support from the KTN and Catapult networks.

Challenge timeline

  • Launch of the competition: 11 May 2020
  • Deadline for applications: 10 July 2020
  • Selection and notification of finalists: 24 July 2020

How to apply

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