Weir Group reducing injuries

How can we use sensor technology to help reduce hand and finger injuries?

What’s the open innovation challenge?

The Weir Group aims to have a Zero Harm workplace. They believe the application of sensor technology in their businesses will be part of their journey to Zero Harm.

The Weir Group is seeking to collaborate with companies or individuals who understand existing sensor technology. They are interested in how this technology could be applied to Weir Group businesses. The collaboration would require trialling of the technology within Weir sites.


Weir launched a campaign to reduce hand and finger injuries in line with World Day for Safety and Health at Work in April 2019. The number of hand and finger injuries reduced by 20%, showing that an increased awareness led to a reduction in harm. But they believe that more could be done to achieve Zero Harm in hand and finger injuries across Weir businesses.

During the campaign, an idea was posted which suggested sensor bracelet technology could be used to stop machines when close to harming an employee.

Weir sees value in this idea and similar concepts but does not have expertise in creating this technology. Therefore, they would like to identify existing technologies and how they could be adapted to reduce harm in the workplace.

Weir have identified the five most common injury types. They would like to use technology to avoid the following: 

  • cuts and lacerations
  • bruising
  • crushing
  • burns and scalds
  • fractures

They mostly occur during manual handling, rubber shop activities, in the foundries, during fitting activities and during maintenance processes. These are the areas where sensors could be placed to reduce injuries.

How to get involved

Email to get more details and register your interest