Zobele Group

Accelerate your home, health and personal care start-up by partnering with one of the world’s largest FMCG manufacturers

What's the innovation challenge?

Zobele is looking for hardware devices, formulations and packaging for a number of product lines including: air care - air freshening, pest control & air purification, home care - laundry, surface cleaning & washing and health & personal care - skin care, hair care, nail care and wellness.

Challenge Details

Zobele Group is one of the world's largest producers of innovative and cost-effective product solutions for leading household, health & personal care brands, with both globally optimised solutions and regionally customised products.

The Mission of Zobele's Join and Win Programme is to accelerate profitable growth through partnering with start-ups and entrepreneurs, active in home, health & personal care.

Join and Win brings together Zobele's global manufacturing footprint, its extensive knowledge in product engineering and market access, to help scale up innovation and bring products to life.

How to get involved

To apply to Zobele’s Zero-Equity Acceleration Program and scale up your product innovation, visit their website.